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Support British Alpine ski racer Ed Guigonnet

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
I'm trying to spread the word and help fund raise for Ed Guigonnet-one of the GB team who raced his first World Championship races this year.
Caroline (the English side of the family) is a force of nature, irrepressible and won't take no for an answer (I hope she forgives me for that description!). Dad is Joel, a Belleville valley local and a retired piste basher driver. They don't have bottomless pockets.

Caroline has to raise around £30k a year to keep Ed training and competing. We've known her for about the last 4 years, and she's been doing this for far longer than that. To give you an idea of what is involved-she sells loads of second hand stuff on the local village facebook page-anything from pots and pans to ski kit and furniture donated locally, she's sold home made aprons and kitchen stuff, written and printed "Ed's cookbook", badgered people to sponsor him from the local town hall, to small companies. No donation is too small. They live in St Martin de Belleville.

Here is a quote from Team Evolution Alpine racing after the WC slalom-he was 46th after starting with Bib 62 on the first slalom, but sadly DNF on the second. Nevertheless.. It just goes to show how far he has come in a short time after the chaos of the gbsnowsport funding fiasco last year.

"It wasn’t to be today for @guigonnet_ed with a DNF2 in his second run of the World Championships, but what a journey, and we’re proud of how he’s tackled every challenge along the way.
In July Ed had been left without a programme by @gbsnowsport after they cut the EuropaCup group, and was without a coach, team or pre-season training, let alone funding. He joined the Team Evolution programme late in the summer and has worked unbelievably hard to align himself to the teams philosophy, coaching style and bond with his team mates, working with new coaches and trying to catch up for lost time.
In the 6 months since joining the FIS Mens team he’s halved his World Ranking, qualified for the second run of EuropaCups, raced two disciplines at the World Championships and become a better, all round person. Most importantly, he’s proved himself to be a top guy and a great addition to the team.
A DNF may be a disappointing end to these World Championships, but we’re sure that it’s just the start of his journey, and we can’t wait to see what we can do next season with a proper pre-season."

I had the pleasure of hosting Ed for 3 weeks last May when he did an internship as part of his college course (sport related) at Tamworth snow dome. He's a quiet and unassuming lad but with the right support he could really do well.
If you would like to make a contribution, however small, here's a link to his gofundme page
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