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Chatel Info

 Poster: A snowHead
Poster: A snowHead
Hi guys,
We have just booked a trip to Chatel can't wait as did not get away last season, anyone have any good first hand experience. Both Intermediate Reds & blues and nothing to lively for night life
Thanks in advance snowHead
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 Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Obviously A snowHead isn't a real person
Bladeski, haven't skied in Chatel for some years now but alway throughly enjoyed the skiing there, only problem is it's a bit low so in a bad snow year can be tricky, not all the links in the PdS are open if there's poor snow. Lots of cruisy blues and reds but some of the best skiing is to be found above Super Chatel, you soon work out where the gap in the circuit is. It's between Chatel and Linga or Pre la Joux. The gondola up from the vilaage goes to super Chatel and the runs there go to Morgins & Torgon in Switzerland via Barbosonne. Morgins is one of the links in the PdS, Torgon is a bit on it's own but some really good skiing with great views all the way to Lac Leman. You'll need to catch a bus, or drive to Linga or Pre La Joux for the other half of the PdS. Pre Le Joux/Linga leads to Avoriaz via Pleine Dranse, where there a few good bars/restuarants. PdS is well supplied with good pit stops, I particularly recommend Le Village du Chevres, there are about 5 bars/restuarants there but Le Cremallere is the first and one of the best. This on the run down to Ardent, nice easy piste with a relaxing gondola ride back. There are a few bottlenecks on the circuit and the chair from Les Lindarets back to the top of the Chatel area is one, it gets very busy from about 3 pm as people make their way back from Avoriaz. Some of the best skiing is found at the far ends of the PdS in Champussion and above Champery. You'll find the 'Swiss Wall' , the Chavanettes piste here. Linga is a very cold lift first thing in the morning, it's north facing and acsends a gully which is in shadow most of the way. It does mean that the snow in and around Linga remains pretty good. It's a good way to finish the day and catch the bus back from there. There's some good off-piste to be found either side of the gully but you'll need a guide. Your best bet is to stay on the bus until Pre la Joux, or Plat de Jour as my daughter insisted on calling it. There's a newish high speed lift from there to Pleine Dranse and a good lunch stop the Perdrix Blanche. Nightlife isn't much but there are some good restuarants and the Isba always used to be the lively bar to kick off inb, used by local, ski-bums, instructors, reps, etc the Slalom up the Rhill n the Route du Vonnes catered for the English crowd but used to have poll and a DJ most nights. For ski hire etc I'd recommend Ski Fun just a bit down from the church, past the parking/bus station, good kit and if you've got your own, good servicing. I'd also recommend the ESI if you're going for ski school. Most of the instructors speak good English.
I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

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 Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name, see?
Well, the person's real but it's just a made up name, see?
David - Thanks for the info, we'll pray to the snow gods as always, hasn't failed me yet. snowHead
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Skied in Chatel twice, absolutely loved it.
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